Maple Syrup in a Jug


Each grade of our 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup has it’s own unique flavor.

Golden Delicate is the lightest in color and has a sweet yet mild, delicate flavor.
Amber Rich is our most popular flavor, it has a classic rich maple flavor; we recommend this grade if you are giving the syrup as a gift.
Dark Robust is very similar to the Amber it just hits your tongue a little faster with a heartier flavor. Very close second to most popular.
Very Dark Very Strong is great for cooking because it has a bold maple flavor, but you can also enjoy it on your pancakes.


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Ingredients: 100% Pure Vermont Amber Maple Syrup.

Green’s 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup will not only be your favorite choice for pancakes and waffles… it’s also great in coffee or tea, on ice cream or cereal, as a healthful ingredient in any of your favorite recipes, or anywhere you would LOVE to add a sweet maple flavor!

Storage Tips: Always refrigerate after opening. To preserve maple’s fresh flavor and prevent crystallization, it can be frozen. Freeze and thaw any number of times, just thaw completely, mixing in any condensation on the top before use.

No flavor is superior to another. They are all the same quality; having the same sugar concentration & thickness. It is honestly whichever grade you prefer is the best!

One ingredient product…try it in your coffee or tea as a healthy sweetener!

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