Banana-Oat Breakfast Rounds

We found this recipe and fell in love. So quick, easy, and a bit on the healthy side, YUM! We used our homemade applesauce and some dark maple syrup. I think the next time I’d like to try it with some fresh raspberries (I’ll have to wait until they are in season). I think that would really send it home for me being paired with the dark chocolate chips.
Once you have made these Breakfast Rounds break one up over plain yogurt and drizzle some syrup over top! You will not be disappointed!

Share with us how you’ve enjoyed them too!

5 ripe bananas
3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
3 cup oats
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup cranberries
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons Green’s pure Vermont maple syrup
a pinch of salt
– Preheat Oven to 325F
– Purée the bananas in a food processors until they become a thick liquid.
– In a bowl, combine all of the ingredients and stir to combine.
– Scoop mixture onto greased parchment paper or pan and bake for 15 minutes or until just set. Serve warm or at room temperature. Makes 16, 3 oz cookies.


The beginning of the 2019 season

Hello friends, we know it has been awhile but spring is here and we are gearing up for another season!

We have been busy the last few months cleaning up damage in the woods from fallen trees, getting lines off the ground, fixing animal damage, and putting new spouts out in preparation for tapping. We estimate we will start tapping next week, it will take us about 5 days to tap all of our 3,000+ trees. The weather looks to be below freezing day and night for the next week which is perfect for tapping! Then when it warms up we will be all ready for our first run of the year.

Don’t forget you can always stop in and visit during sugaring season to see the process and for Maple Open House Weekend March 23 & 24! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what we are doing in the sugarhouse! That’s all for now!


We had a very exciting day yesterday-we started boiling at 5am and we ended up not going to bed until after 2am today! We had to boil twice to keep up with rate of sap coming in from the woods. A class from Stafford Technical Center came in for a tour yesterday between boils. We had a great time teaching them about maple, showing them the operation, and answering all their questions. I think they enjoyed the free maple samples too! It wasn’t too long after they left that we had to start concentrating sap again to prepare for our second boil of the day. The sap was coming in so fast we had no choice but to boil a second time. Richard couldn’t believe how fast it was coming in. He describes “I went to lunch and the tank was half full…I came back and the tank was about to over flow!” Our bulk tanks for collecting sap can hold 1,250 gallons, that’s a lot of sap coming in quickly!

Our second boil of the day was so exciting as we were making some very light colored syrup, our personal favorite, Golden Delicate. It was so light in color it looked like water in the back pan. It’s some of the lightest syrup we’ve made so far this season and it tastes amazing. During our second boil we had a guest photographer come in, Donna Wilkins, of Donna Wilkins Photography. We saw on her Facebook page she had a desire to photograph a wood fired evaporator, so we invited her over. She took some really neat long exposure photos of the embers coming out of the smoke stack at night. We are happy she was able to make it and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the photos look like!

After Donna left we continued to boil, making beautiful Golden syrup until two in the morning. When we left the sugarhouse to retreat to our beds the sap was still coming in. The season is still just beginning and it looks like its going to be a good one!

Thank you to our visitors! Come back anytime!


First Boil of 2018

Since our last post we have finished tapping our trees and started boiling! We counted a little over 2,700 taps.

We have been chasing vacuum leaks in the woods as much as possible while collecting sap. We got the evaporator all cleaned up and ready for the first boil of the 2018 season.

Our first boil was a great success; we didn’t run into any big issues that would halt production, whew! After a year there is always that worry in the back of your mind….what did we forget? But, it was a great first boil
to start the season off with, Richard estimates we made around 100 gallons of maple syrup. It was an exciting sight from the road- the steam billowing out from the stacks with the smell of fresh maple syrup boiling over a wood fire! Spring is here!

It has been a fun week. We have had a bunch of visitors from the Big Apple, they are on February break from school. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget we always love giving tours! Come visit us and you might even catch us boiling!


It’s that time of year again…

We are back at it again for another season!

We have been working in the woods every chance we get prepping for the upcoming sugaring season. Currently, we are out replacing the drop lines; they connect the individual trees into the larger tubing network. It has been a struggle getting around let me tell you…First we had some snow and rain to follow creating a wonderful skating rink for us to climb up the mountain on. The first day we didn’t get too much accomplished, as we were sliding from tree to tree. Rich said it took him about an hour to get 4 trees done! We seemed to spend more time falling than actually doing work.

We decided it was time to add some hardware to our shoes that would give us traction. Enter our shoes spikes…

These have made getting up and down the mountain much faster, we can walk from tree to tree with ease, and maintain our sap lines. Now, Mother Nature has graced us with 14 inches of snow over night on Super Bowl Sunday. Still wearing our spikes we are plowing through the snow replacing drop lines. We only fell a few times today; there is still ice underneath the snow, but at least when we fall now it is a softer landing!

The snow is not going to stop either…We are in for round two on Wednesday this week. We may have to change our footwear to snow shoes at that point!

We are on track to be tapping our trees by Valentine’s Day. This is our normal tapping time, but we are always keeping our eye on the extended forecast to see when warmer weather is going to hit us.

When not working in the woods we have been busy updating our website and creating new maple products. This summer at farmers market we tried maple sweet tea. It was something fun and new for us and our customers. It was perfect to sip on while enjoying the market. We also starting playing around with the idea of creating maple granola. After many months, a dozen different recipes and taste tests we have finally landed on the right maple granola recipe. We want to thank all the taste testers from the farmers market, chili cook off, and people that stopped into the sugarhouse for a tour. Your input was very helpful and we hope you enjoy our final product All Natural Maple Granola. We are excited to share our new maple product with you! We just recently added it to our website and you can find it on the sugarhouse store shelf as well. We have been working on some other new products too…keep your eyes peeled they should reveal themselves soon!


We’re Back…..

Green’s Sugarhouse returns to the Lakes Region Farmers Market in downtown Poultney, Vermont. After two years, we’re back with some new faces. Lexi Bancroft and John DeMattis will be learning the ropes and representing Green’s each Thursday throughout the summer. For those of you who remember those maple sugar cookies and maple oatmeal bread, yearn no longer. Lexi will be making them and offering them for sale at the Market. Come say, “Hi”, and meet the newest additions to Green’s Sugarhouse.

Over 1,200 and still going….

We’ve been doing well this sugaring season. Over 1,200 gallons and still boiling almost every day. It’s snowing in the picture. Will try and find time to post on Facebook, but am headed to the sugarhouse to scrub the pan before today’s sap starts coming in.

It’s Officially Spring….

Today is the first day of Spring and the sap is boiling! Just in time for Maple Open House Weekend. Come see what all the excitement is about, March 25 and 26 from 10am until 4pm. Say goodbye to Winter in style!

It’s A Blizzard….

Very cold temperatures and blizzard conditions have stopped all sugaring activities. About 14 inches of fresh snow has fallen so far and is expected to continue during the night. We’ve made some great tasting pure maple syrup so far and we’ll let you know when the season starts up again.

It’s Official….

As of yesterday, tapping has started at Green’s Sugarhouse. We have about 1,000 done with many more to go. The sap isn’t running much yet. We’ll let you know when enough sap makes it to the sugarhouse and we have our first boil of the new sugaring season. It’s pretty exciting. Visit our Facebook page for more information. I’ll try to update it very soon.

Up With The Chickens…

We’ve been up before dawn every morning in anticipation of some warmer weather, but it was 4 degrees in this picture with snow still falling. We had no snowfall all winter and now we have over 2 feet. It’s 14 degrees right now and the sun is up. Rich is on the mountain hoping the weather will warm and the first taps will go in. I’ll be joining him when the temperatures get above freezing. Stay tuned for an update. Thanks for subscribing. Find more information on Green’s Sugarhouse Facebook page.

In anticipation of maple sugaring season…

Like all of us, Ellie is waiting for maple sugaring to start. We’ll keep you posted as to the starting date  and the first batch of new maple syrup. Thanks for subscribing! For more information about the upcoming season and Maple Open House, please check Greens Sugarhouse Facebook page.

Maple days of a Vermont sugarmaker…

Welcome to our website!

Thank you for visiting us in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Please stop by often to see updates on our “sweet maple” days. Learn more about special events, public festivals, and how to join us for actual sugaring season. We are proud of being a family providing Vermont Maple Syrup products that are healthy, taste great, and made by Mother Nature herself!

Hope to see you here often… The Green Family