We’re Back…..

Green’s Sugarhouse returns to the Lakes Region Farmers Market in downtown Poultney, Vermont. After two years, we’re back with some new faces. Lexi Bancroft and John DeMattis will be learning the ropes and representing Green’s each Thursday throughout the summer. For those of you who remember those maple sugar cookies and maple oatmeal bread, yearn no longer. Lexi will be making them and offering them for sale at the Market. Come say, “Hi”, and meet the newest additions to Green’s Sugarhouse.

Over 1,200 and still going….

We’ve been doing well this sugaring season. Over 1,200 gallons and still boiling almost every day. It’s snowing in the picture. Will try and find time to post on Facebook, but am headed to the sugarhouse to scrub the pan before today’s sap starts coming in.

It’s Officially Spring….

Today is the first day of Spring and the sap is boiling! Just in time for Maple Open House Weekend. Come see what all the excitement is about, March 25 and 26 from 10am until 4pm. Say goodbye to Winter in style!

It’s A Blizzard….

Very cold temperatures and blizzard conditions have stopped all sugaring activities. About 14 inches of fresh snow has fallen so far and is expected to continue during the night. We’ve made some great tasting pure maple syrup so far and we’ll let you know when the season starts up again.

It’s Official….

As of yesterday, tapping has started at Green’s Sugarhouse. We have about 1,000 done with many more to go. The sap isn’t running much yet. We’ll let you know when enough sap makes it to the sugarhouse and we have our first boil of the new sugaring season. It’s pretty exciting. Visit our Facebook page for more information. I’ll try to update it very soon.

Up With The Chickens…

We’ve been up before dawn every morning in anticipation of some warmer weather, but it was 4 degrees in this picture with snow still falling. We had no snowfall all winter and now we have over 2 feet. It’s 14 degrees right now and the sun is up. Rich is on the mountain hoping the weather will warm and the first taps will go in. I’ll be joining him when the temperatures get above freezing. Stay tuned for an update. Thanks for subscribing. Find more information on Green’s Sugarhouse Facebook page.

In anticipation of maple sugaring season…

Like all of us, Ellie is waiting for maple sugaring to start. We’ll keep you posted as to the starting date  and the first batch of new maple syrup. Thanks for subscribing! For more information about the upcoming season and Maple Open House, please check Greens Sugarhouse Facebook page.

Maple days of a Vermont sugarmaker…

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Thank you for visiting us in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Please stop by often to see updates on our “sweet maple” days. Learn more about special events, public festivals, and how to join us for actual sugaring season. We are proud of being a family providing Vermont Maple Syrup products that are healthy, taste great, and made by Mother Nature herself!

Hope to see you here often… The Green Family